CAGLI 1.5 honey armchair


Shoulder width 10cm
Seat depth  54cm
Seat cushion T3030 foam
Furniture frame beech lumber
Details Velvet fabric 100% Polyester, 100,000 martindale
Metal legs 14 cm high
Dimensional tolerance 2cm


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It is characterized by elegance, functionality and timeless design.

The Cagli armchair is an excellent choice that will brighten up both modern and traditional interiors.

The armchair cover is made of velor fabric which is pleasant to the touch, available in a rich color scheme.

A solid wooden structure and foam filling guarantee comfortable rest for many years.

The Cagli armchair is a perfect example of the fact that a comfortable armchair does not have to be boring and an interesting design can be easily smuggled into your interior without straining your wallet too much.

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 90 × 82 × 117 cm


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