CHARLIE 3 moss leather sofa


Shoulder width 16cm
Seat depth  77cm
Layered Seat cushion Highly elastic foam, silicone fibers
Details Natural, open leather
Metal legs 15 cm high
Dimensional tolerance 2cm


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Noteworthy is the simple, classic design and perfectly refined details. A solid wooden structure and layered filling with highly elastic foam guarantee the comfort of rest for years. The sofa is not only very stylish, but most of all comfortable and pleasant to the touch thanks to the use of the highest quality natural leather, available in a rich color scheme. Exotic leather, tanned with chrome, lightly tanned with vegetable ingredients, then dyed in a barrel and polished. The specific effect is achieved by finishing the leather with paraffin, oil and aniline.

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Išmatavimai 236 × 100 × 90 cm


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