Classic Armchair Idalgo


Category Classic furniture
Groupe Classic armchairs
Style Classic
Brand Avanti Classic
Series Idalgo
Type Armchair
Vendor code U0003516
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Set Hidalgo – a sample of furniture of Baroque art. Consists of a chair, three-and double sofas neraskladnyh. The frame is made of wood, strong and durable. Soft backs of sofas and chairs edged frame with carved elements. Manual thread partially coated with a silver enamel present on Beaux Kabriol legs and outside of the carcasses. For upholstery used monochrome suede combined. Delicate fabric with a beautiful sheen practical and resistant to abrasion. Four-wheel coupler is made with the best of decorative nails. It looks noble and elegant. Decorative pillows with fringe trim come in several colors. The main light beige color well complemented by blue (cushion). Upholstered furniture Hidalgo will be the main decoration of the living room or a spacious office in a classic style.

Gross, кг 55.6
Netto, кг 54
Volume, м3 1
Min. order 1
Packing 1

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 95 × 106 × 129 cm

Silver, White


Fabric, Wood


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