Classic Three Seater Sofa Poseidon


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Poseidon upholstered furniture in classic Italian style. The kit consists of chairs, double and triple sofas. The frame is made of wood, are durable and reliable in operation. Due to the polyurethane foam filler, seat elastic and soft stop. The design used white and light beige. Carved volume elements form a rich inlay, through which set truly looks luxurious. The backs are decorated in Capito technology. Upholstery elite jacquard fabric for tactile sensations similar to silk, while the durable, practical and easy to clean. Soft rounded armrests supplemented capes decorated with tassels. Additionally headsets embellished decorative pillows square and round shapes finished fringe.


Gross, кг 85
Netto, кг 81
Volume, м3 1.82
Min. order 1
Packing 1


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