Classic Three Seater Sofabed Samson


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Upholstered furniture Samson looks festive and aristocratic. The kit consists of three-folding sofa and armchairs, attracts attention with the elegant silhouette and rich decor. High curved back decorated with complicated carved patterns, elements of which are covered with gold leaf. Manual thread is also present on the supports and the outside of the carcass. Carcasses are made from natural rubber tree Hevea. Very strong, durable, moisture resistant. Polyurethane provides elasticity soft elements. Covering made of composite monophonic and velor jacquard patterned fabrics with excellent. Soft rounded armrests equipped with capes decorated with fringe and tassels large. Upholstered furniture Samson made in bright colors, fit interior in any color.


Gross, кг 102
Netto, кг 98
Volume, м3 2.4
Min. order 1
Packing 1

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Išmatavimai 100 × 238 × 125 cm


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