Classic triple sofa Silvio


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The set of upholstered furniture Silvio includes three seater sofa and two armchairs. Set is made in the Italian style. The design used in bright shades of gray, blue and brown, making furniture looks gently and unobtrusively. Upholstery velvet jacquard and pleasant to the touch, distinguished by a special smoothness, in this case – is strong, durable, practical. Design sofas and armchairs made of rubber tropical tree (Hevea). Frameworks are decorated with carved gilded decor. Supports are shown in the form of fine Kabriol legs. In the design of the backs of chairs and sofas present “four-wheel tie”. The armrests are fitted with soft fabric inserts. Upholstered furniture Silvio combines high quality, ease of use and excellent appearance.

Gross, кг 69
Netto, кг 65
Volume, м3 1.85
Min. order 1
Packing 1


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