Corner Drawer Sofabed And Bench Denaly Right (R) Faux Leather Beige LG-12Pu


Category Modern sofas
Groupe Corner Sofas
Style Contemporary
Brand Arimax
Series Denaly
Type Corner Sofa
Orientation Right Corner
Vendor code U0002338
Mechanism Roll-out mechanism
Sleeping place 165 x 174 см
Additional Ottoman with storage
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Corner settee Denaly (Dan) Lux is in practical ekokozha. Compact dimensions, strict forms and spectacular upholstery color – that is the secret of the success of this model. Sofa perfectly complement both a stylish living room, and a representative office. Soft armrests and comfortable podgolovny roller offloads the cervical spine, sofa Dan is very comfortable to use. For those who are not chasing fashion, and looking respectable classic design – the best model to find! Sofa sleeper is equipped with a built-in mechanism to vysokovykatnym. Under the ottoman is a box for linen.

Gross, кг 140.58
Netto, кг 124.83
Volume, м3 2.5
Min. order 1
Packing 2

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 162 × 285 × 100 cm



Faux Leather


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