Corner Drawer Sofabed And Bench Richmond Left (L) Fabric Dark Brown


Category Modern sofas
Groupe Corner Sofas
Style Contemporary
Brand Arimax
Series Richmond
Type Corner Sofa
Orientation Left Corner
Vendor code U0002242
Mechanism Roll-out mechanism
Sleeping place 175 x 190 см
Additional Ottoman with storage
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Sofa with ottoman Richmond (Richmond) – the perfect combination of aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Want to watch a movie together lying – please! Would you like to invite your friends together and cheer for your favorite team – no question! Fabric sofa has a simple geometric shape, so fit into the interior of almost any living room. The ergonomic design, extremely comfortable Richmond. The correct angle of the backrest, headrest and deep orthopedic seat allow fully enjoy your vacation. It is available in three versions upholstery: vyskotehnologichnoy microfiber two colors and spectacular combination ekonubuka on the backrest and seat and the armrests on the eco-leather. Soft double back cushion adorned with decorative stitching in the same tone. Microfiber upholstery is very pleasing to the body and easy to clean.

Gross, кг 200.6
Netto, кг 180
Volume, м3 3
Min. order 1
Packing 2

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 174 × 294 × 107 cm

Dark Brown




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