Corner Sofabed And Power Recliner Kingston 5168 Right (R) Fabric Grey


Category Modern sofas
Groupe Corner Sofas
Style Contemporary
Brand Arimax
Series Kingstone
Type Corner Sofa
Orientation Right Corner
Vendor code U0004380
Mechanism Three fold mechanism
Sleeping place Mattress 144 x 190 x 8 cm
Recliner Power recliner
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Corner sofa Kingston complement the spacious living room, allowing you to comfortably accommodate all household members or guests of the house. Soft lumbar cushions back cushions provide maximum support to the spine. This sofa is not only beautiful, but also functional, as it has a built-in bed with the mechanism of the French clamshell and is equipped with an electric element chair recliners, allowing to take a comfortable reclining position. In this case, the sofa can be practically closely pushed against the wall. Double stitching to match the upholstery on the cushions of the back, seat and armrests adds sleek silhouette model. Fabric sofa is perfect for any decor, from contemporary to classical, as in the latter case, it is easy to beat with decorative pillows. Special attention should be padding the model. Sofa upholstered with a new generation of microfiber, manufactured by Japanese technology. The fibers of the fabric so light that one km. filament fibers weighs about one gram. In the process of manufacturing fiber connected to the polymer and forms a very strong, breathable fabric, unusually pleasant to the touch, which is also characterized by high resistance to wear and easy to clean. In the collections of other manufacturers of this type of fabric has always belong to the higher price category.

Gross, кг 207
Netto, кг 198.5
Volume, м3 4.25
Min. order 1
Packing 3

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Blue, Grey




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