PURO stormy skies corner sofa bed


Shoulder width 13cm
Seat depth  60 / 120cm
Seat cushion polyurethane foam and silicone fibers
Furniture frame Beech lumber
Details 100% Polyester hydrophobic fabric,> 100,000 martindale
Wooden legs 20 cm high
Dimensional tolerance 2cm


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The PURO corner sofa is a compromise between a light design line and a large and comfortable sofa for the whole family. Stylish and at the same time very comfortable corner sofa is characterized by a simple, timeless design. Beautiful, slender shapes and a light wooden structure perfectly match both modern and traditional interior design.

Wide, massive seats and precisely finished details testify to the high quality of the product, and additional backrest cushions complete the whole, adding charm to the corner.

A solid but light wooden structure with the use of several layers of filling with varying degrees of softness guarantee durability and high comfort of use. The upholstery made of the highest quality fabric with a hydrophobic coating makes it easier to keep the sofa clean, making it an ideal choice for people with pets who do not want to give up elegant solutions in their interior. Thanks to the rich color scheme, everyone will adjust the sofa to their needs.

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Išmatavimai 328 × 130 × 95 cm


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