Table HNDT-4296-SWC 160-240 cm Dark Walnut


Category Dining tables
Groupe Wooden tables
Style Classic
Series HNDT-4296-SWC
Type Dining Table, Extendable Table
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Classic wooden table HNDT-4296-SWC – it is the perfect solution to the spacious dining room or living room. Graceful thread decorates not only edge countertop, but also the base of the column, interconnected by a railing. Table top covered with veneer wood, and retains the structure in a symmetrical geometric patterns. Two inserts can increase the length of the table to 2.4 meters and a comfortable place for him to 8 people.

Gross, кг 77.3
Netto, кг 67.28
Volume, м3 0.41
Min. order 1
Packing 2

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 160-240 × 106 × 76 cm


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