Table Irvin 120 cm Honey


Category Dining tables
Groupe Scandinavian tables
Style Scandinavian
Series Irvin
Type Dining Table, Non-extendable Table
Kategorijos: ,


Spectacular IRVIN Galds in the Scandinavian style is sure to find its place in the modern kitchen area. Kant countertops echoes the color of the legs, painted in anthracite. Material countertops simulates natural wood structure and combine with metal legs. This small, but certainly stylish table will fit easily even in a small kitchen.

Gross, кг 18.55
Netto, кг 15.95
Volume, м3 0.08
Min. order 1
Packing 1

Papildoma informacija

Išmatavimai 120 × 80 × 75 cm


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